KebNi Inertial Sensing develops and manufacture high end (high accuracy) IMU solutions and related INS, accelerometer, gyroscope and navigation supporting products to a range of marine applications. These demanding applications often require high accuarcy and performance, in a reliable, robust and compact format.

AIMS Motion and AIMS Navigation products are used and suitable for a variety of marine applications, eg

– Steering system that makes it possible to ‘hover’ the boat. An operating system compensate for wind and streaming water through ordinary engines and propellers

– Steering system for boats in order to reduce fuel consumption

– Active systems for suspension control for drivers platform will make movements softer

– Active steering control over Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle (AUV)


Motion monitoring


Satellite stabilization

Heave compensation

Crane heave compensation


AUV – Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle

UUV – Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

ROV – Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle

USV – Unmanned Surface Vessel



Trim stabilization

Racing boats