AIMS GNAV unit by KebNi Inertial Sensing is a MEMS based fully integrated GPS and Inertial Navigation System (INS) based on the recognized Navigation IMU/VRU unit. The on-board extended Kalman filter sensor fusion algorithm provides three dimensional position and velocity data with an output rate of 100 Hz.

The GNAV unit combines highly reliable MEMS sensors with SBAS enabled GPS receiver to provide a significant improvement of short-time accuracy, latency and reliability compared to stand-alone GPS. Beyond this, the system also provides attitude and heading data and in addition inertial data as acceleration and angular rate. The rugged GNAV is suitable for navigation and attitude measurements with fast dynamics in challenging operation environments.

Available interfaces are CAN 2.0B and 2 x RS-232/422/485.

Typical applications

Unmanned Vehicle Control (UGV, UAV, AUV etc.)

Vehicle Guidance

Dynamic Positioning

Maritime and Offshore Pointing

Platform Stabilisation

Antenna and Camera Pointing

Health and Usage Monitoring of Vehicles

Borehole Survey

Stabilisation Systems for Boats and Vessels

Position and Velocity Monitoring of Vehicles

Position and Velocity Monitoring of Trains

Suspension Control Systems

Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition

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