AIMS µMotion

AIMS µMotion by KebNi Inertial Sensing is a high performance MEMS based IMU that can be used for measurement and analyzing movements of a body/product in six degrees of freedom. AIMS µMotion comes in two different versions, optimized for industry applications or motor racing measurement. The unit is optimized on size and price, towards systems which uses the inertial data for real-time control. AIMS µMotion is useful in applications where movements need to be analyzed, but where the size and price are critical requirements. Available interfaces are CAN 2.0B and RS-232.

IMU Industrial Product Sheet

Typical applications

Autonomous and remote operated vehicle systems

Tuning of chassis system

Electronic Stability Control unit for vehicles

Throttle supervising unit for vehicles

Active suspension control unit for vehicles

Evaluation system for movement analysis of commercial vehicles, cars, motorcycles and boats

Track/road/driver analysis

Detection of road characteristics for cars and motorcycles

Six degrees of freedom (6DOF) measurement system for racing

Vehicle and boat control system

IMU Racing Product Sheet